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An intensely rejuvenating serum, naturally high in essential vitamins needed for a healthy cell cycle. Contains a botanically derived vitamin a to jump-start cell turnover.



Apply 1 pump onto fingers and massage into face and neck. Follow with Omega Oil & Vital Cream.



Mothbean Extract: A natural retinol alternative that jump-starts cell renewal and slows down the signs of ageing by stimulating growth factors. Highly stable during sun exposure and is better tolerated than traditional Vitamin A derivatives for even the most sensitive skins.

Carrot Seed Oil: A multivitamin for the skin, contains naturally occurring Vitamins A, C, E for antioxidant support during times of stress and sun exposure. Effective for cell damage brought on by sun exposure, smoking or problematic skin conditions.

Gotu Kola: Known as the 'miracle elixir of life' for its superior wound healing properties and stimulation of healthy cell growth. Strengthens the skin by increasing microcirculation & oxygen supply.

Davidsons Plum: Protects the skin from environmental pollution due to its potent phenolic acid properties. As a result, this intensifies the activity of Vitamin C, allowing it to remain active for a longer period of time.

Bare Roots Curative Serum

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