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Stroke your brows like never before with the Brow Blade


Designed in the shape of a blade, the Brow Blade offers control and versatility, enabling you to create ultra-fine, hair-like strokes or a thicker stroke depending on the angle you hold your blade. Whether you prefer a soft, subtle arch or a dramatic, defined shape, the Brow Blade allows you to customise your brow style with unparalleled precision.

Formulated with a blend of high-quality ingredients, our Brow Blade glides effortlessly onto the skin, delivering long-lasting colour that stays put throughout the day.

No smudges, smears or uneven lines. The Brow Blade's smooth, creamy texture ensures seamless application, while its waterproof and sweat-resistant formula ensures your brows stay. 


Choose from:

  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Soft Black 


  • Double ended spooly + brow crayon
  • Blade design to achieve thin or thick strokes 



Find your angle of the blade to achieve a thick or thin hair stroke. Apply light pressure and gently line your desired brow. Complete your brow with our Brow Sculpt.



Crafted for brow perfection, our formula blends water, Acrylate & Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer for lasting hold. Sodium Dehydroacetate preserves, while Glycolipid conditions. Sorbitol hydrates, Propylene Glycol enhances, and Glycerin nourishes. Potassium Sorbate and Germall-2 ensure quality. Elevate your brows with these essential elements.

Brow Blade Brow Pencil

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