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The Beauty Basement Co. was established at the beginning of 2022. The goal was to create a welcoming space

where people can be themselves and leave feeling beautiful & confident after every visit.  


Meet Danika

My Name is Danika O'Connor and I am a qualified beauty therapist. I completed my Diploma at Elly Lukas and have been in the beauty industry for over five years. I take great pride in all my work,  delivering a caring service with attention to detail. I like to keep current, constantly updating my knowledge so I can offer the most to my amazing clients. To further my understanding of the skin I completed a course receiving a certificate in Integrated Health and Dermatology in 2021. 


In 2013 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome completely changing the way I lived. This is when I discovered my passion for health through dealing with my own struggles, including skin issues.  Whilst trying to heal my own skin and gut health I discovered the link between inner and outer health. I still have my ups and downs like any human, but today I feel my best when I'm living a healthy lifestyle, looking after my self internally and externally. In my spare time I enjoy time at the beach with my gorgeous Australian Shepherds, Floki & Arlo. 


With an interior that takes inspiration from travels to the Mediterranean, it will make you feel instantly warm and soothed. I developed The Beauty Basement Co. with the intention of having a space where clients can come to relax and unwind from their stressful lives. I hope clients can feel at home in the space and as though they are visiting a friend. 


The Beauty Basement is more than a home based salon. More than seriously good skin. It's a total experience. The organic shapes and textures used in the spaces' design will let you switch off and take on the magnetic energy. You will quickly be immersed in my passion and love in which I have for my work. I love empowering woman and making them feel extra confident in their own skin.

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